Over the last few weeks I have learned to controll my shopping habits tramindously. I dont have to shop all the time to enjoy my self or get the look Im going for. I am so excited to be able to shop without grabing eerything off the shelf. My closet is begining to look more organized and less cluttered. Life is not about materialistic things. Its about charishing the things that you have and using them to your advantage. I have also learned how to wear old things in a new way to present a new and flattering look. This experience was hard for me I am not going to lie, but I enjoyed the idea of a commitment and achieving a goal. I am glade to be able to shop for new things though. With the summer here I have got to get some cute sandles, and as soon as I go home i am going to buy tones of accessories. I believe that shopping by category will alow me to be a more organized shope instead of just buying what i see.