I am really surprised at myself that I made it all the way through this challenge, to be honest I didn’t anticipate making it this far, or at least “honestly” making it this far, but I did. I did have some very difficult weeks along the way, but there are a few lessons I learned that have made this all worthwhile.

Firstly, I have learned that my wardrobe is lacking some very important classic, staple pieces and accessories that would have helped me create many more outfits. Every closet needs these essential items. When I found myself getting stuck or feeling the urge to shop it was usually because I was craving a new outfit and couldn’t creatively put anything new together. However, I always found a way, which brings me to another thing I learned, I am much more creative and stronger than I give myself credit for. I fought the urge several times, resisted store windows, and online ads, and didn’t give in to pressure from my peers, or pinterest.  Instead I shared my closet with friends, which was probably one of the best strategies I could have done. I also cut up and redid some vintage pieces and even hand dyed a pair of pants… which didn’t exactly turn out perfect, but I tried. 

Overall I worked with what I had, tried new strategies to resist temptations, and now that the detox is over I plan on spending my money more wisely, and investing in new accessories and essential staple pieces. Would I do this again… probably not, but I am glad that I stuck it though this time and learned a few things along the way.