I can finally shop again!!! Even though I probably won’t be able to actually go shopping until next weekend because I have a busy finals week, just knowing that I will be able to buy the things I like when I want to makes me happy. I just hope that I don’t try to make up for lost time and go crazy in the mall!

Through this challenge I’ve learned that I don’t need to purchase as much as I think I do; even though I am a pretty selective shopper in general, the things that I call “needs” really are more like wants. Also, I have learned that when trying to complete a difficult task like not buying clothing items for a semester, it is extremely helpful to have other people do it with you to hold you accountable! Blogging and having to confess any purchases I made over the semester (which only happened once) kept me in line, and it also helped to be able to share clothes with friends to get past the boredom we faced at times. I think I could definitely do this challenge again if I had to… just maybe not until I’ve had some time to refresh my wardrobe with new clothes!