We are all done!!! We made it!!! At the beginning of the semester, when this study was introduced in class,  all I could think of was what an easy way to get some extra credit. But looking back at it now, it was not all that easy at all. It’s crazy to think that I have had to re-purpose all of my clothes to make new outfits, change other aspects of my appearance (i.e. hair cut), and other ways to update my look. Being an apparel major there is a certain pressure to look your best, but with this study we couldn’t keep up to date. This study proves how much shopping has an impact on my daily life, and it is also a huge stress reliever. Being in the industry that we are in, we have this creative side to us. We immediately see outfits and ensembles when we look at different pieces. With this study, we had to stifle that creativity, which was not a very good time. The majority of us are young women also. We hold ourselves to a certain regard when it comes to our appearance, and this study influenced that aspect majorly. It was hard to feel pretty and confident wearing seasons old clothes. I didn’t like wearing old jeans and tops that were out of style. I was also forced to just wear my basic clothes like t-shirt, jeans, plain cardigans. None of which is fun and festive. I’m very lucky that this study is over and that I am released from it. I have a vacation coming up in about a month, which means I can finally go shopping!!!!