I’m sad to say that the detox is over…. NOT I’m so stoked to not have to figure out how to put something I already have together in some new baller way for something that I needed to look good for. I did learn that you don’t need something new to look great. You just need a little bit of creativity and some friends with great taste in clothes. It is nice to have the option again though. I also learned to use my skills and fix or refashion my clothes that I already have. I even made a few little things over the semester. I think I’m a lot more money conscious when it comes to buying things I “want” and purchase more things I “need”. I also noticed that I wore more of my nice staple pieces much more than my fast fashion pieces.  I did do a lot more things to my hair  and makeup though. I had bangs, ombre, and even red hair. I also played around a lot with different makeup looks. I guess that was my creative outlet. I even became a little more health conscious so the pieces I did have would look better on me. That might be a little vein but isn’t most of fashion?