Hello, for one last time! For the past thirteen weeks I have had my own personal fights on the inside of whether I should buy something or not.  Most of the time I go shopping now, I realize that it is for other people, not for me.  I go to the mall and other stores to help my friends pick out outfits for themselves and to buy presents for family and friends.  The one time I had a slight breakdown was in California, and technically I didn’t buy the clothing. (Thanks Daddy!)  However, I have realized that I can make it through months now without having to buy a new piece of clothing.  Maybe I should just become a stylist for my friends, that way they’re spending their money and I get to help dress them. 🙂

This experience as a whole has really helped me to start making budgets for myself.  Also, it makes me realize that I have a lot of clothing!  I just need to look through my closet better to piece together items to make new looks with what I currently have.  By going through my older clothes that I haven’t worn in years and sneaking into my mom and dad’s closet and stealing items out of there that they haven’t worn in a while, I realized that I can be thrifty, but still fashionable.

Overall, I have realized that there are much more important things to spend money on than buying clothing for myself.  Ultimately for me, giving to others and seeing them happy when they open a gift is what truly makes me happy.  And in the end that’s what is most important, spreading happiness and seeing smiles on other people’s faces. 🙂