I am so excited to be writing this last entry! And I honestly can’t believe it is finally here! When I first signed up for this challenge I was definitely hesitant at first and definitely had my doubts! But, I am so happy to say that I stuck it out and am so proud to have gone this long without purchasing clothing. A couple things I have learned throughout this experience is that I tend to shop for things I “want” as opposed to things I “need”. This is something I want to continue to be aware of. I saved a lot of money because I wasn’t impulsively shopping like I usually do. I am also  more conscious of the prices of things. I shopped at a thrift shop once during the detox and found some really great stuff and got so many compliments on the things I purchased. I loved the feeling of spending just a fraction of the normal cost and still looking great. I also put a lot of creativity into my outfits the last several weeks and it really paid off. I had a blast creating new looks from the clothes I already wear and it helped a lot that I could utilize my roommates clothing as well! I am really happy I chose to participate in the detox and I am excited to continue to be conscious of my shopping habits!….with that being said, I think I owe the mall a little visit! 😉