Well I am happy to say I made it through this detox and am a little sad that it is over, not because I didn’t want to go shopping but because it means the end of the semester is here and I am graduating and although I am excited for what my future holds it is sad to see all of my friends spread out all across the country including myself. Although, this detox was difficult at times it really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Since being in college I have worked really hard to buy more classic pieces that don’t go out of style. I also try really hard to shop at stores that have a social responsibility policy. I know that by having a policy may or may not mean they actually follow it and just have it to satisfy customers but reading about yet another horrific event in an apparel manufacturing facility in Bangladesh this semester really keeps me out of stores like Forever 21 and H&M and other fast fashion retailers. I also heard recently that Forever 21 supports HSUS which will most definitely keep me out of their doors in the future.

I am really glad I decided to do this challenge because it forced me to actually look through my closet and wear some clothes that I haven’t worn in awhile. It also led me to clean out my closet a little and make a pile to donate to goodwill or try selling at second hand clothing store which will help make packing a little easier here in the next few weeks and in another month and a half before I move to Texas for graduate school. Hopefully, now when I go shopping I will think about the purchases I am thinking of making a little more and only purchase clothing I know I will wear more than just a few times and before an event I will make sure I go through my closet to find something to wear before I just immediately just head out shopping for a new outfit.

Overall, it has been a great experience and I would challenge everyone to take part in something like this in their lifetime if for no other reason than to realize how much we do shop when we really don’t need to.