I’m so excited to write this comment today. this is the last week of the fashion detox, I can’t believe I actually made it! Yeah!!!

At the begining of this practice, I thought I wouldn’t complete this activity because it’s so hard for me to stop shopping even in one months, how could I make it in 13 weeks. To be honest, this process is not as hard as I thought at the begining. I was shaking and almost break the rules in some weeks, however, I felt easy for most of the weeks, that’s why I’m so suprise by myself. Time flies for me, I feel like it went really fast this semester. Maybe I concentrateed more on study, I didn’t have a lot of time to think about shopping, then I made it.

I really appreciate that I participated the fashion detox, I learned a lot that I never thought I would do before, I started to creat something, I dyed my first pair of ttight and I fell in love with it, I dyed other things so many times after I made my first try. I also saved a lot of money from this activity, my parents are very happy about that, haha!!

Now, it’s time to shopping, I can’t wait to go shopping after my finals. Yeah!!!