So we’re here- the detox is over! I can’t believe how fast this semester went by. I really thought that this detox was going to be a terrible experience for me, but it has impacted me and I believe it has made me a better person. At the beginning of the detox I struggled a bit- I wanted to buy things when I went to the mall with my mom, and I had a hard time not looking at clothing online. A few weeks into the detox, however, I wasn’t so bothered by not buying new things. I rediscovered old clothes that I love, and realized how many clothes I truly have. I did relapse once, and I do feel bad about that. I do think though, that I am going to end up prolonging my detox. I honestly do not see a reason to go shopping. I have way too many clothes as it is, and I think that I want to work on more important parts of my life than spending my money on the latest fashions.

From now on I plan to spend more time on myself- but rather than my clothes I will spend time getting in shape. I think that once I reach my health goals then I will feel better about buying some new garments- hopefully I will actually need new garments so I won’t feel so bad about making a purchase. This detox has really opened my eyes to how much I buy. I want to stop placing so much importance on material items and now that I realize I don’t need to get new clothes all the time I think I can do that. This detox also made me realize how lucky I am to even be able to purchase new clothes whenever I want to. 

Not only do I want to stop making so many purchases, but I also want to be more aware of the purchases that I do make. I want to be able to reduce my impact on the environment. Simply not purchasing so many clothes made me think about all the other aspects of my life in which I can make changes. For instance, I hope to find ways to reuse items that I would normally throw away. 

Overall I think this detox has been a great experience. I almost wish that everyone were required to participate in the detox, as it has really impacted my life. The biggest lesson that I have learned through this experience has been to just think before I make a decision. As simple as this sounds, I believe it really helps. Throughout the semester I began thinking about non-apparel purchases more- do I really need this? Is this really worth the money? Will this still be a satisfying purchase in the long-run? I plan to use this same process when I do many apparel purchases again. 

Lastly, I just want to say congratulations to everyone, and have a great summer!