This experience has been more informative to my shopping habits than I could imagine.

Just last week I took a window shopping spree to scope out “must haves” and gear up for my up and coming liberation.  I realized through looking at Gap, and about thirty online stores, that my shopping habits have changed considerably.  I used to be a bit of an impulse shopper with no buyers remorse.  I knew what I liked when I saw it and I always made the plunge if the money was available.  This expensive endeavor added up quickly.  I ended up with okay clothes that bored me after a few wears, because I didn’t love the items to begin with.

After participating in the fashion detox I have become aware of the things I really want to spend my money on.  I no longer want to shop the sale rack and purchase something just because it fits okay and happens to be 50% off.   I realize that I want to buy things that I absolutely love in order to keep them around for the next 10 years of my life.  I now want to spend $1000 on a Prada handbag,  $600 on a Cinthia Rowley dress, and $300 on that coveted pair of sandals on Piperlime.  My closet now feels like more of an investment than an expensive pass time.  Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Sex in the City, Carrie Bradshaw, once stated, “I like to have my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”

I couldn’t agree more.