Wow, these past 13 weeks have been extremely eye opening to me about my shopping habits! The fashion detox made me realize how much I love to shop and how often I went shopping. With that being said, I’m definitely happy that I saved alot of money these past few months especially now that I will be able to shop in full force again and probably will be spending money! 🙂
I learned alot between borrowing clothing and getting creative. I even put new outfits together that I would have never thought to put together before going through this process. Although I wouldn’t say I loved the detox, I’m happy I got some key lessons out of it and it wasn’t all for nothing. I’m just excited to be able to socialize while shopping with family and friends now that I can actually buy apparel items again! It’s perfect that I’m home in Overland Park for the weekend because I have any store right at my finger tips and can’t wait to do some retail therapy over the weekend, right beofore for finals week!!!! I’m glad I did the detox but it was so hard in many different ways, so i’m glad I did it once but I don’t think I would be able to handle something like this again! I guess you could say I’m addicted to shopping in a way…! I love being a girly girl.