I can’t believe it! The day has finally come! I didn’t think this day was ever going to come. I have been waiting and waiting. Although I am very proud of myself for doing the detox, I am oh so grateful it is over. The past 13 weeks have been a huge eye opener for me. I never realized before that I shopped so much. The detox made me realize how much money I was spending on clothes. I am happy that I saved all of this money, but in a few days it will probably be gone because I will be purchasing my dream closet. 😉 When I started the detox, I knew it would be hard but I did not expect such a challenge. I don’t know if others struggled like I did, but I really did have a hard time. I wouldn’t say I necessarily enjoyed the detox, but I am happy that I did it. It taught me to appreciate what I have and be grateful that I have so much more than what some people have. That being said, I think I have learned my lesson and won’t be signing up for another detox anytime soon. 😉