Going into this, I thought it was going to be the worst thing ever! But, on the flip side, I also thought I would learn a lot about actually wearing ALL of my clothes in my closet and budgeting my money more. I did learn to wear more of my clothes and I realized that I don’t really need or have to have a lot of stuff. Even when I tried to go shopping and cheat I always talked myself out of it, because in the end I really didn’t need it and I didn’t need to spend the money. However, I am not going to stop buying clothes and accessories even though I don’t need them, but I want them and I truly get joy out of buying fashion related items. <– This statement makes me sad, because I figured that I would realize that I don't need to buy things at all really only if it was for a specific event, or I gained weight or they had holes in them. I am who I am and let's face it, I LOVE CLOTHES! I get pure enjoyment out of them!

The main thing I did learn, is weighing out the reasoning of WHY you really need that item and is it worth the money? I now have a reasoning to my buying madness, and can truly say I think I will be buying considerably less in the future.