This extra credit assignment has been nothing like anything I have ever been assigned before. It was an interesting process having to totally erase the urge to shop over most of the time of semester. I have actually traveled home every single weekend this semester and I’m currently on my own for finances with minimal help from my parents. It’s been difficult managing the money for gas to go home every weekend. The Fashion Detox has actually been very helpful and useful to help me save money and forced me to not spend money on unneeded apparel and anything related to fashion.
Looking back at the days when I was obsessed with buying every cute, new thing my retail store, Wet Seal, got in shipment is kind of pathetic to me now. I can’t believe I really relied on shopping and apparel that much. That’s crazy to think about. Obsessions are serious addictions though, eh? I am glad and proud of myself that I stuck with this detox for all of these weeks fighting the urge to make a purchase on the new jeans we got in or the new tank top. I’m not going to sit here and say it was easy because honestly it hasn’t. I’m really glad I had the opportunity over this past semester to save money and focus on spending my time on other things that were immensely more important than swiping my credit card for unneeded clothes. This semester, I was bombarded with lots of work ranging from one of my 20 credit hour classes or one of my two jobs. It was definitely hard to balance all of the work, tests and assignments throughout the semester. I possibly could have been too busy to even shop a lot of the time because I always had something due or something to study for.
I didn’t really get a chance to explore my creativity as much during the Fashion Detox due to how busy this semester was for me. There was a time when I spent about two or three weekends going through all over my clothes from when I was in junior high to present and got rid of a good quantity of them. I had an overfilling closet before going through it and now I have a decent closet with a good amount of clothes, leaving behind three big boxes of unneeded and unwanted clothes that I don’t like anymore or items that don’t fit me. It was refreshing to force myself to clean out my closet. I found many items from before that I didn’t have interest in previously but thought was cute now. I have expanded to using more of a variety of my clothing apparel instead of continually buying new items to satisfy my needs and wants. I have also had the opportunity to design shirts with a friend for a car organization. I also have explored Pinterest which really helped me touch into my creativity mind to form an old shirt into something that had a twist of a vintage look that was a freshly designed shirt. It was definitely time consuming trying to reach into my creative side but what’s life without creativity? Nothing.
Overall, I really enjoyed participating in the Fashion Detox assignment. It really opened my eyes and made me realize that I don’t have to depend on clothes to be happy or satisfied. Money is better spent on other things and time is better spent on other things as well.