One more week of no shopping and I cant wait. I know that everytime I go into a store now Im going to hesitate to purchase things because of how long Ive been on detox. But there are some really cute things that I am definately going to rush out and buy before they are gone. Summer is almost here and I have tones of room for new and trendy stuff. Since I have been on detox not only have I not been shopping but I have also gotten rid of a lot of clothes that I dont wear. I donated them to the salvation army and it felt good to give back to the community and spring clean my closet. My sister said I could have just saved them for when we have our garage sale before we move this summer. But I think they will go to better use if I donate them. I really havent been anywhere this week to need anything clothing wise so this week as been ok. And I also know that I am one week closer to being free so that is definatley my motivation at this moment. Have a great week!