Well, that’s it folks. I’ve nearly completed my fashion detox! Its just shy of a miracle, that I actually finished this. I will be completely honest, that was very very hard to do and I will admit I had my own weak moments. It was a bit of an eye opener for me because it did show me how much I really did sop. I’m hoping in the future it will make me more conscious of my purchasing decisions. I used to be a guilty shopper, and I would feel bad buying something for myself. I’m not exactly sure where that ended and I became a shopping maniac, but I think its coming back. It would be good for me to have some of that guilt back in my life, so I will quit justifying to myself why I need a certain item. Before the fashion detox I would buy something that was essential like shampoo deodorant, or I would eat out, and think to myself later, ” Dang it, I wish I wouldn’t have done that or wish I would’ve gone the super cheap route, that is like ten dollars I could’ve used towards a shirt.” Now that the Fashion Detox is nearly over, I feel as if I have the mind set that if I were to buy a clothing item, I would later think, “Dang, I should have saved my money I don’t really need this” That is a drastic mind set change that I know will really benefit me later. Even if I cut my spendings in half, and only buy a thing or two every so often, I will be doing better. This was the perfect time for me to learn this lesson of saving, because right now being in college I need to be saving! I’m really glad I stuck through it even though it was extremely hard, and I can’t wait to see how this helps me over the next years. Thirteen weeks is a long time, glad to say I made it, and it is OVER. Thanks for the experience, it is one to remember

Over and Out