Whoa! I cant believe the 13 weeks are almost over, well actually I can. It’s been a long 13 week of no shopping, besides when I caved in a couple of weeks ago. I am actually pretty proud of myself, I didn’t think I would make it till the end. Something this detox has taught me was when ever I say “I have nothing to wear,” I actually have a whole closet of different options. During the detox I have really utilized what I have in my closet. I have been creating different outfits out of what I already have and mixing up my wardrobe so I didn’t get bored. Something else I have learned was during the detox was how much I actually think about shopping. During a normal day for me I usually think about shopping quite a bit whether it’s looking online at clothes, talking to my friends about what we want to buy or just making a wish list in my head of everything I want to get for summer. The last thing I have learned from the detox is that its really hard to escape shopping in todays world because its everywhere. During the detox I tried to take my mind off of shopping but it was really hard because I would constantly be reminded through an email about a sale at my favorite store. Even when walking home from class I am reminded about shopping when I pass the little boutiques in Aggieville. Lastly, the hardest part is when your friends or family asks you to go shopping with them. Its really so hard to go shopping and not buy anything, so sometimes I would explain to them about the detox and tell them its too tempting and I could not go. Overall, I have learned a lot throughout the detox. I am really exited to go shopping for my first time in 13 weeks, I can hardly wait!