WOW its crazy to think it’s already the end of the semester. This spring has totally flown bye and so has this fashion detox. I really thought when I first started this detox that there was no way I could do this. The thought of no shopping for an entire semester was crazy. Although I did cave in a few times, I learned a lot about myself as a shopper and my shopping behaviors. I never realized how much my family and friends played an influence in my shopping patterns. I am easily persuaded by them and do not like to miss out on opportunities to spend time with them. I also learned I have very little patience when going to a mall with no money.  Watching my friends and family buy new cute clothes was very hard for me. My main strategy throughout the semester was to not bring my debit card or cash to the mall with me. By doing this I was not tempted to make any purchases. Also, being a poor college student helped me through this detox because I had no extra money to purchase clothes. This detox made me recognize how often I typically do shop and how maybe everything I purchase is not 100% necessary. I really want to get better at only purchasing things I need rather than things I want. I am going to start asking myself where and how many times I would wear this. This fashion detox was a fun experiment and taught me a lot about myself.