I can’t believe it, one more week left for the fashion detox, I finally can go shopping! I’m so exciting because I will come back back to China after the finals, that means, I can buy a lot before I go back to China, it’s a huge thing for me. I’m ready to purchase a lot of gift for my family and friends in China. I kind of have saved a lot of money from the fashion detox activity. I’m so proud of myself. I feel I can totally control myself away from shopping next week even though I feel strongly demands of shopping, because I will be super busy next week, I have so many projects and homework to do, so I won’t have time to spend on shopping. The best time for me to go shoping is after the final week, wich means I will still keep doing the fashion detox at leat two more weeks. Perfect, I can’t wait to finish my finals and go shopping!! Yeah~~~