So I don’t know about all of you other detoxers, but I am SO happy that we are finally towards the end of this journey. I am so ready to go shopping for some new spring clothes!!! It’s nice that the weather is finally acting like it’s spring!
This past week it has been cold out so I haven’t been able to wear my new capris that me and my mom made! I really love them! The lace on them add a really cute springy look! Glad it is warming up so I will finally be able to wear something “new!”
This week I felt like I wore the “same ole same ole” but it didn’t bother me as much because I knew we were getting close to the end. For some reason this week I felt like I brought out some of my older jewelry that I haven’t worn in a really long time. So I think that is how I was a little creative with my clothing. I haven’t really been too tempted this past week for some reason. I think it was because it was cold. I did look at dresses online, but I didn’t really find any that interested me too much. Obviously I still haven’t come up with any strategies of how not to shop because I still online browse almost everyday. I like to dream about what I will buy when this is all over!
I felt really good this week about the detox because I realized how much money I saved this semester thanks to the detox. Now I will have a nice healthy budget when I go shopping! 🙂