This journey has been insanely hard for me! I seriously can’t even believe I actually agreed to it. But I’m glad it has showed me that I am stronger than I ever thought I was. If I put my mind to something, I know I will be able to accomplish it now!
Tonight is my sorority’s senior date party where are the seniors chose a circus theme, I am so excited to still be able to attend because I am fortunate enough for my sorority to have a custome closet of crazy outfits we can utilize for times like these. I’m so glad I get to save money all because of this experiment, because if I wasn’t doing this experiment I know I would have gone and bought something to wear.
Although there are positives, it’s been hard to go out with my friends at night and not have a new cute outfit like I enjoy having sometimes. I always like new and different things. My friends and sorority sisters have been exceptional in way of letting me borrow anything at anytime because they know the circumstances. I know they are just as excited as I am to be able to go shopping again! It’s almost like a piece of me is missing, but I am proud of myself as I keep trucking along. I just keep telling myself, ONE MORE WEEK! I know I can 🙂 I hope all the other fashion detoxers are making there way to the finish in the same way I am.