With me being such a shopper, this process is increasingly getting harder and harder for me! I had a really stressful week this last week with a lot of school work and getting enrollment all figured out. On top of that my lap top got a drink spilled on it and doesn’t completely work now. With all of these incidents happening, all I want to usually do would be go shop, do a little bit of retail therapy! But then again, it’s best if I don’t go spend money considering I need to be saving my money now for my lap top.

I also love to online shop, be on pinterest and wanelo to browse the latest fashion trends. It honestly just becoming a tease though! To relieve some of my stress, I add things to my “wishlist” or “shopping cart” online so that I save them and can always come back and buy them later once I can purcchase apparel items again. This also gets rid of my tendency to want to buy items and relieves my urge to do so. That is my latest strategy which seems to have been helping me the most lately!

This weekend I have my sorority’s formal dance which I obviously need a dress and matching heels for. But, because I can’t go out and look for a new dress. I am about to scavenge through all of my sorority sisters closets hoping that one of their dresses is able to fit me! I really want to go to formal, so I’m hoping I can find a dress! I just don’t know how much I can take this, I’m starting to go crazy!!!