Wow, this fashion detox is starting to get the best of me! I feel like a person like me can only go so long without shopping and I think I’m going to hit my breaking point here soon! With the new season rolling in and the weather getting warmer, all I want to do is go splurge on some new items to add to my wardrobe. It also didn’t help that it was Easter weekend. When I went home to Overland Park, it was nearly impossible to resist my urge to go shop at my regular shopping mall and Marshalls because I go to both on a regular basis usually.
I’m also starting to lose all my creativity with putting outfits together because I think I’ve mixed and matched just about everything together in my closet that could possibly go together and still look trendy. I hate borrowing things from friends now that I’ve been doing it quite a bit lately because of this detox experiment. To say the least, I’m actually getting a little bit frusterated not being able to buy anything! I love my retail therapy for stressful times, it does help keeping gum and sunflower seeds around for when I’m bored and can’t go shop.

When I’m able to shop again, I think I will be spending dangerous amounts of money! But for now, I’m not spending any at all is good. I’m just afraid for when I can go on my first shopping spree again..