I thought this experiment would get the best of me on Spring Break! But I actually lucked out and was able to brave it out! A group of friends and I went to Gulf Shores, AL. over break and were at the end of a peninsula which ended up being for the best considering there weren’t many stores around! We did go into town once, and we were so rushed that I was a able to resist the impulse “spring break buy.”
Also, since I wasn’t able to buy any going out clothes before the trip, I was lucky that we pretty much just hit the beach most of the time instead of going out! Instead of buying the tank tops my sorority offered us to wear for spring break, I was able to borrow my friends’ tank tops! It’s perfect how that worked out. I am just continuing to borrow from friends until this experiment is over.
I feel like I haven’t shopped in so long though, just typing this blog makes me want to go shopping!!!! It helps that over break I told my friends about it so they hopefully will support it and not take me shopping and make it hard on me! Listening to music, being on the computer and staying busy is helping me the most!