Well the past few weeks I have just been eyeing everything where I work that I want to buy in 2 weeks, but then I think I don’t NEED that or have the money. I feel like since I have partaken in this detox, I feel trapped when I want to buy something or even think of buying something because I know I shouldn’t. So then I just never buy it and I am wondering if that is how it’s going to be in a couple weeks when I am free. I have really been using LOTS of accessories and scarves lately to make more “trendy” looks with my “old” clothes, which has helped a little and I have SO many accessories. I still see everyone in my classes wearing the CUTEST clothes and it makes me feel like I need to buy more things, but then somehow I rummage through my old clothes and always find something to wear. I think that is what has taught me the most this semester is, I always have clothes and I have never had to go naked, so obviously I don’t NEED new clothes when it seems like I wear something new all the time. Browsing is still my friend and makes me think like I’m buying things, but I never actually “check out” online. I am moving into a new place this weekend and that is what I am focusing my buying habits on is for my new house!

Almost over!! Yippee!!!