Dig my grave because this is going to straight up kill me! I have been dying to get a new purse (no pun intended). I have my eye on every hand bag, and wallet on the market! I am constantly going from big purse to little purse, to crazy color to neutral. The feeling of a new hand bag is miraculous! That is one accessory that I am wiling to spend my hard earned money on especially if I know I will be getting my good use out of it. The one I have now has simply got to go, I feel as though I’ve expired the number of compliments on it and it seems to be old news. Not to mention it is simply just loosing its luster. 

Bad news for me though, I can’t buy anything! So what do I do? Keep using my haggard bag? Absolutely not! Pulled out an old bag from a couple of years, and I will tell you no one will even notice! I kinda forgot how much I loved this bag, and how convenient it is. I originally thought I would downsize, but my “new” old bag has made me realize how nice it is to have a huge one to store my entire life in. It really comes to show what your old things can bring back for you. You never know when you’ll want to start using your old apparel or accessories again. Old can really become the “new” and that is important to understand in the apparel industry. Not every item has to be the newest greatest designer piece from Paris to be considered stylish or fashion forward. Cheers to all of us who are figuring this out as we continue on in this detox!