Another week has gone by and again my time spent in Manhattan has been very easy because I have been busy finishing up everything and getting ready to graduate. This weekend was incredibly difficult though as I went to Sporting KC soccer game with my sister and went to Legends before going to the game. I had previously spent the entire day at the Ag Hall of Fame in Bonner Springs showing people some of our sheep for a petting zoo and the weather was a little colder than I had anticipated so I ended up wearing the jacket I had brought to wear to the game and it got a little dirty. I really didn’t want to wear the jacket to the game after it had gotten dirty but even as I looked for a quarter-zip type sweatshirt like what I am wanting to buy before I go to Alaska here in a few weeks I couldn’t even find anything like what I was wanting so I just dealt with my dirty jacket which really wasn’t that bad. However, just about every store was having 50% sales which made it difficult to not go out and buy any cute new spring clothes but I was good and didn’t buy anything and even though I know I could have I still felt really good that I not only saved my money but I also am one step closer to completing this detox without cheating.