Maybe it is because I grew up in a family of boys who buy clothes once a year, or maybe it is because I would rather spend my money on traveling, but this fashion detox has not created an ounce of frustration recently.  Also, I think this says a lot about the way I view life.  Because I have not been frustrated recently, I would say that it hasn’t frustrated me at all, which is not fully true.  I seem to dramatize the emotion of the moment and make it an absolute.  

My absolute feeling of fashion right now is, less is more.  I have no desire to pack my closet.  I would rather get rid of the things in my closet and still not buy anything new for  a while.  Oh yeah, except jeans.  I really could get some jeans.  

Maybe it is because it is coming close to the end of the school year that this fashion detox has now taken a backseat to my thoughts and frustrations.  When one worries about passing classes with desired grades, work, and summer plans, the closet seems to become much less important.  

I have decided in this moment that I will be wearing my swimsuit under a lot of dresses and skirts this summer in hopes of sun bathing whenever possible.  This is my “trashy fantasy” of living like an LA baby even though I’m from Kansas.  We will see how this actually goes down.