Through all the struggles and temptations this detox is almost completely over!  With a final date in site I am looking at the past several weeks in amazement that I could actually do this!  Near the beggining I couldn’t wait for it to be over so I could rush to the store and buy out the men’s department of everything they had, but now, I am maturely budgeting just small amount of money for clothing post detox.  What is the point of detoxing if I don’t make it a lifestyle change?  Saving all this money has gotten me out of some recent financial binds, and I coulnd’t be more proud I learned to save!  Going summer shopping with my friends not on the detox was a challenge, but my willpower for not shopping has been stronger than ever!

With only a couple more weeks to go I know I can and will do this, and be better in the end for it!