This week I am starting to get anxious about the fashion detox for two main reasons. One graduation is coming up and I have started looking for a dress(though I will not buy it till May 11) and two it is almost over and I am very excited about being able to buy cloths again. These problems are being magnified by the fact that the semester is coming to a close and there is still so much for me to do.

                In trying to find a dress for graduation I went to TJ Max and tried on dresses there. This was the first time I had tried on cloths since the detox started and I was pleasantly surprised with how I was not as frustrated as I normally am when it comes to trying on cloths. I soon realized there was nothing there that for one I thought would be there on May 11 and that I could not absolutely live without which felt really nice as well knowing that I did not need anything. I have now gone to looking online for a dress and that seems to be helping my anxiety of maybe wanting to buy it right away. because I cannot feel it so I don’t have a connection to the garment yet.

                In just being exited about buying cloths again is the reaction I was not really expecting, because I do not buy cloths that often to begin with, and the few cloths that I do buy are usually staple items that go with the trends that are already in my closet. I find my excitement is due to the fact that I just have not been able to buy clothing not necessarily because I need clothing.

                Even though I have these anxieties I am almost done, therefore I will not give up now this close to the end.