This week has been exhausting. I started my internship this past Saturday where I’m instructed to wear business casual clothing. I have a decent amount of nice clothing including one pair of black slacks, blazers, cardigans etc. but it would have been nice to go to the mall with my mom to shop for new outfits for my new job. Also, I have kept myself fairly busy this past week due to the semester coming to an end. Summer is right around the corner. I have been studying my butt off as much as possible and working on varies different assignments and homework. It’s honestly hard to find time to shop when you are a college student as is but I’m taking 20 credit hours for this Spring semester as well as working three jobs. I haven’t had a reason to dig into my creative side. I’ve mainly worn sweat pants as I have been lazy to lack of sleep this past week besides last Saturday when I started my internship where I wore a business casual outfit.