One of the hardest parts of participating in the Fashion Detox, is the fact that is has interrupted my never ending quest for the perfect jeans. I find that it is nearly impossible to find a pair of jeans that fit me the way I want them to. This results in several pairs that for a few weeks I think I look great it in, but then after a while I decide I no longer like them. I have quite a few pairs hiding in my closet, and the inability to add to it has forced to me open the archives and re-evaluate what I already own. In doing this I have re-discovered a few pairs that I really do like. It’s funny how our perception of how we look changes over time. This process certainly has saved me a lot of my money, frustration from ordering and returning things from online shopping, but also has prevented me from wasting clothes, and resources only for them to end up in the landfills. This truly has been an eye-opening experience.