This detox has finally hit its hardest part for me. As summer is drawing closer and closer I feel as I’m about to completely crack under pressure. I will admit I slipped a little last week and bought sunglasses and a pair of sandals. Was it necessary? No. Will I put them to good use? Yes! So there is a plus to this scandal of mine because I actually have no sandals or flip flops and as the weather gets warmer boots are harder to wear. I feel that it was worth it because this small purchase will be the last little bit of fuel to get me through the rest of the detox without any more slippage. When I can officially shop the first things I want to buy are maxi dresses and skirts. I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately and am dying to have some of my own! I have already visualized what they will look like with my new sandals and sunglasses. So with all these outfit ideas swirling around my head and with a more positive attitude I believe I can make the last stretch of this challenge!