Well i have been bad and have not blogged for a few weeks and i have slipped up during those weeks. I am going to have a very important interview soon and I was told to buy certain type of clothes for the interview and I did not already own these garments. So I bought new dress pants and a top. I don’t feel bad about this because if dressing nice helps me get a full time job I think that is ok. I don’t mean to be dramatic buuuut…I am to the point where I will spend thousands of dollars on clothes if it would get me a job. The pants I bought did not fit that well in my leg so I bought them and then tailored them. It is nice that I can alter my own clothing, which I think is sustainable. I also purchased my graduation dress…the only excuse I had for this is that it was on super sale and there were only a few left. I loved it and I know i was going to eventually purchase a graduation dress (planning on doing that after the detox was over) but I didn’t want to pass on this dress. I am losing motivation to keep up with the blog and to stay on this detox. I laugh because in the beginning I was like, “oh this is going to be easy!” and now I can’t stand it. I want to buy so many things right now because a lot of clothes are going on sale because we are getting into spring. And can I just say that this weather (in Kansas) does not help with figuring out what to wear. I can’t officially put away my winter clothing because one day it is 70 and the next day it is snowing.

I am working on my senior line at the moment and I am excited because I will be able to fit into one outfit. I purposely did this so I could get something out of all this work besides building my portfolio and learning.