So this past week, I bought a limited edition Chrysler 300! Technically it’s a “new” purchase, but it’s a car. That doesn’t count, right? Since the purchase didn’t consist of any new wearable garments, I didn’t consider it cheating. Besides, my first payment isn’t due until after the Fashion Detox is over!

On the plus side, I LOVE my new car! It drives so smooth and I can’t help but to feel a little cooler than I should with my sunroof open and radio blasting. Although the purchase isn’t wearable, it has helped kick wanting to shop.

In a few weeks, I’m sure I’ll be over the whole new car thing and on to wanting the next thing on my list. I won’t lie, I’ll be so thankful when the detox is over. Sometimes I just need a little retail therapy to relieve some stress. Oh well, until then, the car will keep me occupied!