So, I did not give in this week! Since the winter months have drifted so far into the spring, my winter wardrobe has had the chance to take double duty for two seasons. I haven’t had the urge to buy any new spring items this week because it has been so cold making new clothing unnecessary. My creativity has been impacted the last couple of weeks in trying to make my winter clothing look somewhat ”springy.” I’ve had to put winter coats with summer scarfs because it’s the end of April and I just feel awkward wearing my coat so late into spring. The only temptation I have had this week to buy clothing is a pair of lavender pants from Gap. For my sorority recruitment we are wearing lavender pants and I need to buy lavender pants before the fall. Gap has a pair that fits me fairly well and I’m afraid they’ll be gone by the time the detox is over. It is tempting to buy them now because they are on-sale for cheap. What’s making this detox bearable right now is that I do not have a job. Since I don’t have any disposable income, it’s easy to not spend money that I don’t have. I will have a job this summer and next semester, when I will be able to shop, and that is what is pulling me through the detox now!