Hey y’all! Well, this weekend I’m in Tennessee and I did do a little shopping.  However it was for a bridal shower and wedding present, nothing for me.  Also from a few weeks ago, I did break down in San Diego and end up buying some clothes.  Or should I say, my dad bought me some new clothes.  Just being someplace other than Kansas and getting clothes that I wouldn’t get there, it was just so hard not to.  While in Manhattan, I still stay away from the mall and the only good shopping I get to do is for groceries.  I make the most out of that experience that I can these days.  It hasn’t really warmed up too much here, so I’m starting to get a little bummed out that I can’t wear my summer clothes yet.  I’m ready for a change in my wardrobe and to be able to wear shorts and tank tops that have been tucked away all winter long.  Still happy and the traveling helps with that.  Being in nice and sunny places besides snowy and cold Kansas is always a mood changer for the better.  So, other than that one little relapse in shopping for clothing, I’ve been really good.  This is really surprising to me and to my father also, but it’s making him one happy man with the extra cash saved in his pocket. 🙂