I honestly don’t know how much longer we have of this detox- and I really don’t care. This week has been really easy for me (as has most of the detox) so I’m feeling great. Since it has been not exactly spring- like outside I haven’t wanted new clothes. I have also been pretty busy with school and other activities so I haven’t thought a lot about shopping.

As someone mentioned before me, they have decided to prolong the detox and drop a few sizes before buying new clothes. I think this is a great idea for me as well. I’m sure I will buy a few things once the detox is over, but nothing that I won’t be able to wear if I lose a few pounds. Since I haven’t had a problem with the detox, I think I should continue focusing on things other than clothing once the detox is over.  I can continue to find new ways to wear the clothes I already have while I work toward more important goals than buying a new dress or top.