At this point in the game, not much has changed except my emotional response.  I used to be excited and think about all the amazing things I would make in order to pick up the slack, or the sustainable closet that I would build as soon as this blog fest came to a halt.  However, my focus has shifted and I am no longer waiting for the assignment to come to an end.

I have actually decided to prolong the process.  I am making a commitment to myself.  I do not want to by any more clothing until I am a few dress sizes smaller and can actually fit into regular sizes instead of plus sizes.  A realization I had early on is that my closet is too full.  When I rebuild my closet I want everything to be a few sizes smaller.

This extended competition will hopefully fuel my ambitions to eat healthy, and focus on something entirely different.  I am still a little concerned about the sustainability of my clothing, seeing as how my last pair of jeans just developed a hole in the crotch.  

I know I can do this, YOLO.