This week at work we get extra percentage off of things in the store and I WANT WANT WANT! However, I am getting better at realizing I don’t need everything I want. Just because it is on sale and a good deal, doesn’t mean that I need another item of clothing. I feel like when I shop or “need” things that I am thinking more logically about if I REALLY need something or just want it.

I have really been utilizing the rest of my closest lately, as I forget I have so many clothes that I can wear in new ways. Styles also come back, I think that is why I hoard clothes so much. It is really hard tho while everyone else seems so up to fashion, I just am less comfortable about what I am wearing now, which I don’t like. That part makes me want to buy new clothes.

At least I have been busy with school, work, graduation and getting ready to move that I tend to talk myself out of actually purchasing anything. I know I need to save my money and I rationalize more when I think about buying things. However, when I think of this detox overall, I thought it would help me not want to buy as many clothes as I did before, but I think once it is over I am still going to buy lots of clothes, just really think more if I need that piece or not.