This week I had a hard time not buying clothing and accessory items; I am getting spring fever and keep wanting to go update my closet for spring and summer. I also have wanted to go look at dresses for graduation and can’t do so because of the detox. When I give complements about a shirt or skirt of theirs is cutie and they tell me where they got it and then I tell them that’s nice but I can’t go get one and then they will ask me why and I explain to them that I am on the detox.

             I have also stopped looking at emails from the stores I usually purchase clothing from. Which has helped, but I still have to go to target on occasion when getting groceries or odd and end things which now is a bother because I want to go look at all the new summer cloths. I also want to see what the stores in the mall are getting for the summer but have resisted thus far.

                 I also find it getting really hard now that my favorite time of the year is coming summer. I love buying a new bathing  suit right before summer, and I love summer cloths. They are much brighter and more fun in my view than winter/fall cloths. It is getting harder, but I will survive and I will be so grateful for doing so. 🙂