As the end of the detox is right around the corner, I would like to reflect on this entire project. This entire semester, I have saved hundreds of dollars. I went from shopping constantly without a care in the world to a responsible college student who put her money safely in my savings after each pay check. Although, I work a good amount of hours at my retail store, I have upheld strength to resist the urge of shopping. As sad as this is… I found myself in frustration more than once because I couldn’t purchase the cute purse my store was selling or the cute new ripped jeans that were selling too quickly for words. I look back at my past shopping habits and honestly am disgusted that I spent my money like I was a billionaire or something.
I’m ashamed that I honestly have an overfilled closet full of clothes that consists of a good amount of items that still obtain the tags from when I purchased those items. I went through my closet about two months ago to box up the apparel I didn’t want any more or items that didn’t fit me anymore. I ended up with three-four fully packed boxes. The thorough cleaning really painted the picture of this obsession, unneeded obsession more vibrant. I do realize I clearly had a shopping addiction and still slightly do as I have to urge myself not to swipe my credit card. I can’t even imagine how much money I have used to indulge in clothing.
I have reached out to more of my creativity side and instead of buying clothes, I decided to redesign my old shirts to look a little “vintage” and “thrifted.” I have also worked with a good friend of mine to design shirts for a car group that I’m actively involved in. Instead of clothing being an expense, I am turning my old habit of obsession into revenue and I couldn’t be happier.
It hasn’t made me feel any different towards others this week or really at all throughout this entire process because I don’t really branch out to others for clothing desires or needs. Overall, the way I feel towards others was not affected by this detox.

Almost to the end, girls! Congrats to everyone 😉