So as if I am not struggling enough already, my friend decides she is going to have a birthday this weekend. Darn her! All of our old friends are coming to town to help her celebrate. As we were discussing what we were going to do Friday afternoon, one of my friends said she wanted to go to the mall to get a new outfit and a few of my other friends agreed. No matter what I do I feel like the temptation to shop is always around me. Maybe I should find some new friends who don’t enjoy shopping until I am done with this detox! Haha. So obviously I am feeling a little bit jealous of my friends. I want to be able to buy a new, fun outfit for this weekend’s festivities.

Although I am bummed because I can’t buy a whole new outfit, I recently went home over the weekend and I discovered a dress that I wore in high school. I COMPLETELY forgot that I had it. I had seen an idea on Pinterest where someone had taken an old dress and added a lace sash around the waist. Well I am going to try it. Not sure how well it will turn out. I am not the world’s greatest sewer, but I think I can handle this. I found some old lace in my mom’s sewing room, so this outfit will cost me nothing! I really think it is going to turn out great! If not, well I guess I will just have to wear something out of my closet. I am way too close to the end of this detox to cheat now.

I am kind of looking forward to going shopping with my friends this weekend. I absolutely love spending other people’s money and helping them find adorable clothes for themselves. Overall it will be an amazing weekend no matter what I am wearing!