IT WAS TAX DAY YESTERDAY. I was lucky enough to get a big fat refund from the fed (thank you very much). Instead of going on a shopping spree, I was forced to do the mature thing and put all that money into savings. I mean I wasn’t going to blow it ALL on clothes and purses and shoes, but it would be nice to get some new clothes!

Another factor that makes it hard not shop, is Social Media. I follow Envy, Kieu’s, and Bling all on Instagram. These little boutiques post pictures of new inventory, or sales that they are running, which makes this whole detox even harder. It’s like window shopping, but it just sucks 10 times more.

I think the hardest factor of this whole detox experience is not being able to shop for events that come up. For instance, I’m going to the Josh Abbott Band concert here in Manhattan this weekend. If I wasn’t doing this detox, I would definitely be shopping for a new outfit, or for new accessories to wear at this concert. Another event that happened during this detox was my work’s annual Spring Party that happens every second weekend in April. This tradition has been going on for the past ten years. So instead of  going shopping for a new top or outfit to wear this year, I had to raid my roommate’s closet. Thank the Lord that shes a fashionable girl and shes only a size bigger than I am, or else I would be in some serious withdrawal phases right now. Only a few more weeks left of this detox!