I’m so ready for summer! But, my closet is sadly not. This is the worst week that I have had so far with the Detox. I really want to buy some nice new spring/summer clothing but,I can’t and I won’t. I am very jealous of my friends right now because they are getting clothing for their summer internships or just to revamp their wardrobes. And, I have nothing. I would love to buy a cute new dress or some fun shoes. Even a sports bra would thrill me right now. I bought myself a lovely manicure this week- the only vice I have left. I have stopped biting my nails since the detox began. I want to have something new and pretty every week, so it’s a manicure. Since I have these pretty nails, I don’t want to bite them and ruin them! Only four weeks left of this thing and I can hopefully make it through!