Yesterday I went shopping for a formal dress with my friend since our sorority formal is coming up this Saturday. Luckily I already have a dress I love that I’m going to wear, so I didn’t have to worry about breaking the Detox for that though! However, we did start in Rockstar and Rogers where I saw quite a few things I wanted but couldn’t purchase, and it hurt a little to walk away from them. Every time I pulled something off a rack and said, “I love this! I want it,” my friend would apologize for bringing me along and tempting me with clothes, but it really wasn’t all that horrible. When I’m given a challenge I typically stick to it (well, except for during Spring Break) and knowing the Detox will eventually end is comforting. Besides, most of the things I said I wanted I probably wouldn’t have actually bought anyway since I’m pretty frugal and picky when it comes to buying clothes.