Well it is official, I have a new hobby. It still has a great deal to do with shopping, just not for me! I have become all of my friends personal stylists and personal shoppers. I slowly started tagging along with friends on their shopping adventures, and it has turned in to being begged to go with. It may be more that I will actually tell them if an outfit or something looks good on them or not. My honesty can be brutal sometimes, but if you do want an honest opinion, I’m your girl! Shopping for other people is almost just as good (not really) but we can go with that.

I will admit that I acquired a new outfit for a job interview. I justify this as completely necessary. I can’t even really say that I regret it because I got the job, and believe my outfit was a major contributor to my hiring. Getting several compliments on it, was a sure indicator. I literally can not wait for this to be over, it is time to do some serious shopping! I can also say that I am very curious to know how everybody else is handling this situation. It definitely takes the right type of person to be dedicated enough to this to really one hundred percent accomplish the goal.

Best Wishes