I’m feeling accomplished. It’s been around 8 weeks, give or take a week or two. Sometimes it really shocks me that I haven’t touched a single credit card to swipe at a retail store to purchase some shorts, tank tops or other clothing items for myself. It’s a good kind of shock though, like I’ve stated before this entire process of detoxing has been eye opening.

To be honest, I think why it’s so easy for me to do this detox successful is my lack of free time. I work two jobs and I am currently taking 20 credit hours. You’re probably thinking, “oh my god, this girl is insane,” but to ADD onto all of that work, I drive home (2 hours) every weekend. I haven’t stayed in Manhattan once so far this semester. Just recently, I’ve been super busy with health related issues as well as interviews for internships. I’m a very busy girl. So I guess you could say, I’m a tad bit stressed as well oh what the heck, I’m dying of stress.

One night this week, I could not sleep so I decided to search apparel on my phone. I didn’t want to browse shop through stores I knew so well like Wet Seal, Victoria Secret, Buckle etc. I was on the hunt for a store that was kind of a little raggedy. I have been on the search for old concert t-shirts, I can wear and tear up. I’ve been really intrigued by the “hipster” look for some odd reason. Kind-of like a Rachel Bilson, Miley Cyrus look but with more of my style added to the whole outfit. Thanks to this hunt, I have been really upset I can’t shop cause I found the perfect online store that had exactly everything I’ve been looking for. However, I was strong and stayed on top of the detox and strived through the temptations. I think I really need to explore more of my creativity to help me get through the detox more swiftly however I’m simply running out of ideas. I mean picture yourself, busy as can be, unable to buy new clothes for a new season, being stressed from school constantly, all of that together kind of puts a damper on your creativity side of your mind.

I find myself extremely jealous of my best friend who texts me saying she got her tax return back and is headed to the mall to get new Vans and a purse from one of her favorite stores we usually shop at together. I envy her and her ability to spend care freely. Unfortunately, whether I was involved in the detox or not, I’d still be jealous because I’m broke as can be with all the gas money I’m spending to go home every weekend so I can’t shop if I wanted to.