I am in the dire need of a new perfume. My old one is running low and I am really wanting to go buy a new fresh scent for spring. The other day I was walking through the mall with a friend and I was at Dillards by the makeup counters. I ALMOST bought some new perfume. I found one that I LOVE. I was going on and on about this perfume. But then my friend said to me “does perfume count as a fashion detox item?” Like why did she have to say that? Of course it is a fashion detox item. It’s not like it’s a necessity. I have a little bit left of my old perfume. So I decided that I would wait until the detox was over and then I would purchase it. But I CAN NOT stop thinking about this wonderful springy perfume! I just loved it! Luckily I had my friend there to bring me down to reality, otherwise I may have cheated on accident!

So now everytime I am walking around campus, there will be a girl that has some really good smelling perfume on and it takes every ounce of me not to go to Dillards and buy that perfume. I guess I will just have to smell other girls perfume until I can buy my own. Maybe by that time there will be something I like even better! I really should figure out a way to keep myself away from any kind of shopping center, but I can’t do it yet. I still like to look at what is trending and I still LOVE helping out my friends.